Carpet Cleaning Services


Dirty carpets and floors are often the first thing a customer notices when entering a room. That’s why we give special attention to floor and carpet cleaning.

Regular professional cleaning will even extend the life of your carpet or flooring, saving you the expense of early replacement. Not to mention the health benefits of a hygienic, pollutant-free carpet that smells fresh.

Our professional cleaning services make sure your carpets and other flooring remain pristine. On leaving your property, your floors will be left dirt- and stain-free and absent of any grime or pollutants.

We only use the best-quality tested and certified cleaning products and each of our team are extensively trained to leave your carpets and flooring spotless.

Our specialised daily cleaning services will leave carpet and floors:

  • Free of dirt, dust and grime to enhance appearance
  • Free of dirt and grit to protect carpet fibres and extend your carpets’ lifespans
  • Free of dust mites, fleas or cockroaches
  • Free of pollutants that could cause breathing difficulties or asthma

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About Cosmic Cleaning Bristol


Cosmic Cleaning Bristol is a professional contract cleaning company with more than 25 years’ experience serving commercial and residential clients in Bristol.

Our cleaning services cover the daily and deep cleaning of offices, schools, restaurants, pubs and bars, retail outlets, residential properties, and more. This includes specialist experience in the cleaning of carpets and other flooring, windows, high- and low-level fixtures, all surfaces, kitchens and washrooms.

Our staff are extensively trained to ensure thorough, hygienic and safe cleaning of your property. What’s more, we offer specialist and DBS-checked staff to make sure our services meet your specific requirements.

We understand the value of maintaining a high standard while keeping costs competitive. The work we undertake is only finished when your specified cleaning targets are met.




We are still working and have invested in the latest portable disinfectant fogging machines to disinfect all surfaces within a property. We can disinfect spaces of all types quickly, discreetly and safely within minutes.

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